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Whiz Bang Weddings Club is a hub for fun, modern couples to meet & mingle with rock star Wedding Celebrants.

The Whiz Bang Weddings Club community of celebrants is based across Australia and New Zealand They are passionate about weddings and they are here for you

No More Blind Dates
We're all about helping couples find new ways to find their one in a million celebrant without wasting hours of time, attending countless meetings, blind dating your weekends away.
Genuine Connections
We know making a connection with the kind of peeps you want working your wedding matters. That's why Whiz Bang Weddings Club only opens membership to authentic, genuine personalities. What you see is what you get - no cat fishing here!
Find Your Unicorn
No two ceremonies are the same and neither are our celebrants. Looking for a relaxed backyard ceremony? Or is an outrageous ceremony on the cards? We offer unique search terms so you can REALLY find the right celebrant for you.

Who Are You Looking For? Relaxed? Funny? Upbeat? Explore our diverse celebrant personalities

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